Hopewell Group

Community Conversations:
UDO Zoning Map and Text Amendment Updates
NEXT CONVERSATION: Wednesday, February 3, 6:30-8pm
More info and the meeting link can be found here.

Survey: This survey was put together by a team of volunteers, citizens who would like to advance the conversation … Hopewell wasn’t involved, but we like their approach! Take the survey.

Past documents and meeting info
Read Hopewell’s January 26, 2021 Letter to the Department of Planning and Transportation
Community Conversations facilitated by Rhonda Baird of Sheltering Hills Design, LLC
Recording of January 14, 2021 “Fishbowl”
Recording of January 6, 2021 meeting

Hospital Site Updates
You can find the Final Master Plan here.
At the redeveloped hospital site, Hopewell Group will continue to advocate for:

  • Creation of accessible, community-centered green space throughout the site
  • Energy, recycling, and composting systems that empower citizens to live sustainably
  • Transportation planning that favors pedestrians, bike travel and public transit over cars
  • A balance of diverse, affordable housing options and businesses that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods 

We believe these goals are achievable through intentional and transparent public process, with citizens and city leaders working together to create a new kind of urban model that the rest of Bloomington, and the region, can look to for inspiration.